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Information for Couples

Common Issues Requiring Therapy


Information for Individuals

When is therapy necessary?

Here are some reasons people have for seeking therapy:

•  negative thoughts or feelings

•  depression or mood swings

•  stress or anxiety

•  problems with drugs, alcohol, sex, or food

•  excessive anger, frustration, or guilt

•  constant worries or obsessions

•  relationship concerns, communication problems, or loneliness

•  stress due to chronic illness

•  school problems, employment concerns, workplace stress

•  life changes

•  issues of sexuality or sexual identity

•  problems following traumatic events or the after-effects of

    childhood mistreatment

•  domestic violence or other forms of abuse

Do I need to take medications and if so, do I still need therapy?

For certain situations, medication may be very helpful. This is generally when symptoms are making it very difficult for someone to function in a positive manner throughout the day. If necessary, you and your therapist can discuss this and agree on a plan of action. This could include a referral to your primary care doctor or a psychiatrist for a medication assessment. They are the only professionals who can prescribe medication. You may also decide that medication is not necessary. Whether you use medication or not, you may still proceed with psychotherapy.

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