My focus is to help couples, families and individuals improve their relationships, and deal with emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, chronic illness or parenting.

For Couples

Relationship Assessment

This is the initial stage of couples therapy and a specific stand-alone service to help couples understand their strengths and their opportunities for improvement. I utilize the Gottman Couples Therapy Method and the Emotionally Focused Therapy assessment protocols.

Couples, Marital & Relationship Therapy

This therapy is for couples working to improve a good relationship or heal a hurting relationship.

Intensive Couples Therapy

This is for couples who want to make significant gains in a brief period of time. Several sessions, usually 5 or 6, are scheduled on one day and are followed by several sessions on a subsequent day. Many couples use this format when they travel a long distance to attend therapy or their schedules are limited and weekly sessions are not possible.

Affair Recovery

This process is designed to help couples deal with the impact of an affair, repair and strengthen their relationship and protect it in the future.

Discernment Process

A specific process to help couples when one member is seriously evaluating his or her commitment to the relationship and the other member is committed. This process can help people decide whether to work on the repair of the relationship or to end the relationship, in a caring manner.

Divorce Adjustment

This process is designed to help couples or individuals separate and continue their lives in a positive, healthy manner.

Pre-Marital/Pre-Commitment Preparation

This is for couples early in their relationship, to help them acquire the skills necessary for a happy, healthy life together.

Private Couples Workshop

This is the Gottman Art and Science of Love Workshop for an individual couple, tailored to that couple’s specific needs and schedule.

For Families

Family Therapy

These sessions are for all members of a family, to help the family get along better, solve specific problems and enjoy each other again.

For Individuals

Individual Therapy

These are private sessions for individuals who are dealing with life adjustment issues or emotional issues like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, relationships, parent-child problems or similar concerns.

Anger Management

This is a specific process that assesses an individual’s anger style and helps that person  manage and understand the anger and related emotions.

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